11.02, 2021

"TRANSCRIPT WITH SHADOWS" is selected the London International Film Festival 2021, Best Director of a Foreign Language Documentary & Best Foreign Language Documentary!

The London International Filmmaker Festival is one of the most rewarding and helpful festivals in Europe for international emerging artists and experienced creators to be a part of. They have been helping filmmakers find distribution and funding for their next filmmaking venture. They’re a unique festival that provides a real platform for filmmakers to meet, network and do business during the festival week.

<神的影子> 被提名為「2021倫敦IFF獨立電影節」最佳外語紀錄片,和最佳外語紀錄片導演!


03.02, 2021

"TRANSCRIPT WITH SHADOWS" is selected the 7rd Around Film International Film Festival, Best Experimental Film Award

"TRANSCRIPT WITH SHADOWS" has been selected the 7rd Around International Film Festival, Best Experimental Film Award. Around Films is a network-based film collective which gathers the international colleagues all around. They gather with four major editions for all Feature, Documentary, Short, Commercial, Music Video, Animations, Student Films, TV, Series, and New Media as an IMDb Award Listing Qualifier. Alongside the aim of creating a custom approach, ARFF International selects the best filmmakers through the annual festival to associate with the related edition to enhance the collective consciousness through the visioners in the world. This festival is holed in Germany . Spain . Netherlands and France.

<神的影子> 評選為第7屆柏林ARFF(Around Film International Festival) 最佳實驗電影 !

FAFF是聚焦在視覺藝術、藝術電影紀錄片、錄像或實驗片的電影節。由VENICE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART贊助,過往於洛杉磯舉辦。今年於六月8日至14日於線上播映。

16.10, 2020 - 17.01, 2021

2020TIVA (Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition )

Hong-Gah Museum/ 10:30-17:30, Tuesday to Sunday
Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab/ 11:00-18:00, Tuesday to Sunday

Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (TIVA) has been organized biennially since 2008 and has been through a decade to this day, making breakthroughs and ushering in new definitions for images.

ANIMA emphasizes not the reading of but the experience of images – the focus lies not in the digestion of information exhibited in images, but in the insight into the true words beneath. How can an image be perceived when we “unread” it? Or to the extreme, can an image still be established when we “unsee” it? With hypnotic images as portals, we are granted with access into those alternative realities betwixt actuality and fantasy that seem out of place – the subconscious reality, the mise-en-scène reality, the mediamediated reality, and the reality awkwardly edited by fragments of memory.


第七屆 台灣國際錄像藝術展
鳳甲美術館 / 臺灣當代文化實驗場/ 時間:11:00–18:00 週二至週日

台灣國際錄像藝術展(Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition)由鳳甲美術館成立於2008年,每兩年一次的展出歷經十餘年發展,目前已成為台灣錄像藝術研究與發展的主要平台,同時也扮演在國際間錄像藝術交流時,具代表性的窗口。


08.06, 2020 – 14.06, 2020

"TRANSCRIPT WITH SHADOWS" has been selected the 7rd FAFF( Fine Art Film Festival)!

The Fine Arts Film Festival (FAFF) is dedicated to showing the finest films in the world about art, the art world, and films that are art in and of themselves. Painting, photography, sculpture, performance art of all mediums, artists in and out of their studios, collectors, galleries, museums, public art, and alternative art spaces are all part of FAFF. This includes video art, curated as a Film or a Virtual Reality medium.

神的影子(2018牛俊強個展的錄像)入圍今年第七屆的FAFF(Fine Art Film Festival)。

FAFF是聚焦在視覺藝術、藝術電影紀錄片、錄像或實驗片的電影節。由VENICE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART贊助,過往於洛杉磯舉辦。今年於六月8日至14日於線上播映。

25.04, 2020

"TRANSCRIPT WITH SHADOWS" has been selected the 53rd WorldFest-Houston and win the Bronze Remi Award

"TRANSCRIPT WITH SHADOWS" has been selected the 53rd WorldFest-Houston and win the Bronze Remi Award! It is winning in the Experimental Film & Video Art Category! There were more than 4,500 total category entries for 2020.

WorldFest was founded over 59 years ago as an International Film Society in August, 1961. WorldFest became the third competitive international film festival in North America, following San Francisco and New York. WorldFest is the oldest Independent Film & Video Festival in the World.

神的影子(2018牛俊強個展的錄像)入圍並且贏得第53屆美國休士頓國際影展實驗及錄像類Remi Award銅獎!


02.01, 2019

2018 牛俊強個展 入圍第十七屆台新藝術獎

“NIU Jun-Qiang Solo Exhibition 2018”is nominated in Taishin Arts Award The Taishin Arts Award was founded in 2002 by the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, sponsored and supported by the Taishin International Bank. The Award acknowledges creative achievements in works of visual, performing and inter-disciplinary arts, a pioneering idea among arts awards at home and abroad. Its unique selection process includes nominations year round by professionals, release of observations and art reviews, as well as yearly involvement of international jurors. In addition to its importance in recognizing the professional creative achievements in Taiwan, the Taishin Arts Award is also dedicated to establishing a platform enabling international networking for contemporary Taiwanese artists.

台灣當代藝術大獎「台新藝術獎」第 17 屆入圍名單公布,由九位提名觀察人于善祿、王聖閎、白斐嵐、林靖傑、陳宜貞、黃海鳴、孫松榮、鄭文琦、樊香君組成的評選團,歷經 2018 年全年度展演觀察、評論書寫、季評交流會議獨立提名,到複選會議的共議討論,從 104 件被提名且同意參選作品中,遴選出 15 組入圍作品,包含 5 組視覺藝術,以及 10 組表演藝術作品。


《2018 牛俊強個展》的魔力,巧妙地在兩股相互拉扯的力量上演著:當單頻道投映影像成為欺眼法的技藝,展覽原本宣告的佈局遂成為不存在的作品。何謂可見,抑或,在場之作,緊扣著藝術家的宗教信仰及其盲視焦慮。作為一部構思得滴水不漏的短片,影像與聲音鉅細靡遺地連結了從展場到展外、現實與想像,乃至觸摸與靈現的世界。轉角的現場佈置卻讓期待的觀眾撲了個空:這一幅可見的動態圖像真的存在嗎?它是否僅出現在想像、記憶及意識中?在盲視與見證之間,《2018 牛俊強個展》精彩地辯證著宗教與藝術、教堂與白盒子,臨在與幻化的多變關係。


12.08, 2018 — 01.20, 2019

NIU Jun-Qiang Solo Exhibition


Venue│TKG+Projects (2F,No.15,Ln.548,RuiguangRd.,NeihuDist.,TaipeiCity114, Taiwan)

Curator | FENG Hsin

Sponsors | Ministry of Culture / Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government

NIU Jun-Qiang departed from “what God is”,“how God looks like”, and“how it feels like in His presence”and came up with a series of works in images.

The conditions that are relative and yet reflective to each other, such as“emptiness”and“nothingness”,“blank”and“being”as well as“entity”and“eternity”, co-exist in this 2018 exhibition. NIU Jun-Qiang excels at showcasing indescribable, abstract perceptional experiences via image narrative. Through means of metaphor, audience will be slowly guided to an intricately-designed space. Residual or implied traces in the space, symbols and relationships that are indescribable in language shall become the portals for audience to pass through the consciousness and dive into the inner space of their own.

地點 │ TKG+ Projects (台北市 114 內湖區瑞光路 548 巷 15 號 2F)


贊助單位 │ 文化部、台北市文化局


5.10, 2017 - 13.11, 2017

Digital Break:New artist’ film from Taiwan

Niu Jun Qiang participated in “Digital Break:New artist’ film from Taiwan” exhibition which curated from Osmosis Audiovisual Media festival , with six artists . Their works respond to an age obsessed with digital culture and imagery, creating dialogues between technology, film and video art.
Venues are throughout UK:Phoenix Leicester, Fabrica Gallery Brighton, Backlit Nottingham and CCA Glasgow( Centre for Contemporary Arts).

牛俊強參加由Osmosis Audiovisual Media festival舉辦的 Digital Break : New artist’ film from Taiwan 展覽,與另外六位藝術家共同展出。七位藝術家展出的作品與這個數位文化及圖像時代做呼應,並產生了技術、電影、錄像之間的對話。展期為今年十月五號到十月十七號,於英國下列各地巡迴:Phoenix Leicester, Fabrica Gallery Brighton, Backlit Nottingham and CCA Glasgow( Centre for Contemporary Arts)。

27.09, 2017 - 08.10, 2017

Carnets du flâneur

Niu Jun Qiang participates in the 16th Paris Foreign Cultures week 〈Carnets du flâneur〉. The event features diverse works on the theme “flaneur,” which refers to a person who saunters around observing society. Based on this approach, the artists explore such topics as historical reflections, social interactions and urban development.
The date of exhibiton is 27 Sep – 8 Oct 17 at Galerie Frédéric Moisan in Paris.

牛俊強參加第十六屆巴黎外國文化週 <漫遊記事Carnets du flâneur>展。這個活動以“flaneur”為主題。意指的是圍繞觀察社會的人。基於這種方法,藝術家探索歷史反思,社會互動和城市發展等主題。展期為今年九月二十七日至十月八日,位於巴黎Galerie Frédéric Moisan。

01.08, 2017-15.01, 2018

Art residency in Cité Internationale des Arts


Niu Jun Qiang was selected by Taiwan Ministry of Culture and Cité Internationale des Arts  for his artist residency program at Paris August.